Global Wisdom Elder Council | Sunday

May 3, 3am EST / 3PM WAST

About the Council

Wisdom Elders from 7 countries will be sharing their voices and helping to answer several questions that people are most interested in at this time. There are common threads amongst these discussions and creative weavings that get to the heart of what’s important right now.


To bring together an Elders Wisdom Council to facilitate and start a topic of discussion around support and guidance on the times we find ourselves in now, and how we can best move forward from here, cohesively as a global network and family.

This is an incredible opportunity to have this dialogue while the Earth is in its transition phase. Our global family from all around the world will have an opportunity to listen and connect with the teachings and focused sharings that each elder will bring to the tech fire circle of wisdom in this way.

It will be a way of sharing with people their message for this time we are in and how we can collectively come together as one community that will assist in anchoring a world and paradigm where we create the right relationship with ourselves,each other,nature and all life moving forward from these times.

This will be a two day event with several Elders speaking each day. This is a donation based event that will directly support the Elders and their community projects. We all have the opportunity to learn, grow in our understanding and awareness and nourish the very roots of our Earth by being involved.

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